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Home Programs ~ An opportunity to start therapy!

Wait lists can be long and other times it can be difficult to come into the clinic or to organise therapy appointments. A home program may be an opportunity for you to start therapy! While receiving therapy directly from a trained therapist is always the best option, we understand that life can get in the way or at times become challenging, so that’s why we make it possible for you to do therapy at home, using evidence-based strategies and resources, with support from experienced clinicians. Check in every 2-3 months as practical for all.

What is a Home Program?

A home program is a specific tailored program based on your needs, a pack of resources, related to your individual goals, that your clinician can prepare for you. The pack includes instructions on how to complete and use the activities and under the guidance of your clinician, recommendations for the approach including the number of days and repetition of activities as needed.

We know that home practice is important for transference of skills. In fact, evidence shows without practice (repetition) the change may occur or be slower for you.

How can a Home Program work for me?

If you are unable to attend sessions at Access Allied Health for Speech Pathology, or perhaps you are on a long wait list for services, the clinician can meet for assessment and design a program that suits. This can be for a child, teenager or adult depending on your needs.

The program can include recommendations and resources for you for weekly, fortnightly or monthly therapy and coaching can be provided via the phone or telehealth for you to complete at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

How do I receive my Home Program?

Access Allied Health ~ Speech Pathology can provide your home program to you via post or you can come in to collect this with a coaching session provided to help guide you through the activities. Pick up of your home program is not available as appointment sessions may be in progress.

If we provide them via email, you will need access to a printer. If we provide your Home Program by post, you shouldn’t need to provide anything (other than things you already have at home, such as scissors and pencils).

What does a Home Program cost?

Time is required for the program to be specifically designed for your needs. Resources and the time taken to prepare your program is charged as per the usual fees however you can work on this at your own pace. Check ins are recommended.

My child won’t sit still to complete work with me

A Home Program may not be practical for each child or teenager or adult and this can be discussed with you. You can still be guided on best approaches for your needs with a coaching session available to help you in the best approaches.

How do I organise a Home Program?

Contact us by email or by phone on 0400836254 and we can discuss the best approaches or options for you.

home programs
Home programs


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