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Services - Speech Pathology, First Aid Training & Nutrition

  • With years of experience in Speech Pathology, as a Nutritionist, Educator and Mentor, we collaborate with you to help you achieve your goals. 

  • We are here to help you access your communication, safe swallowing needs and mealtime management plans.

  • Access Allied Health & Training provide in house training and speech therapy in our clinic, in your home, aged care, schools and sessions via telehealth (online) across Tasmania and Australia.

  • Ongoing speech, language, literacy, fluency and voice concerns can lead to concerns in the teenage years and as an adult. 

  • Dysphagia (swallowing concerns) can occur at any age. Speech Pathologists manage safe swallowing with clients and assist with modified diets along with recommendations for foods and drinking. 

  • Comprehensive assessments and reports can be provided. Access 2 Speech Pathology works to understand the underlying concerns you may have with your communication and swallowing difficulties.  

  • An individualised treatment plan & support is developed & implemented in collaboration with you and seeking support from other health professionals as needed.

  • Bookings currently for children (over 5years), teenagers and adults can be made via our "refer to us" page ~ click here or email:

Disability Focus

National Disability Insurance (NDIS) - Speech Pathology

  • Access Allied Health & Training accept NDIS clients who have self or plan managed funds. We are unable to take NDIA managed clients.

  • We are a registered NDIS worker however are not a registered NDIS business provider & therefore accept self and fund managed clients.

  • For self-managed clients fee payment is required on the day of the appointment and the family is responsible for claiming funds back from NDIA after the session is complete. 

  • For plan managed clients an invoice will be sent to the respective fund manager following the consultation on your behalf.

  • Further information can be obtained from Access Allied Health & Training on or call us on 03 6310 8122. 

Community Speech Pathology

Private Speech Pathology Sessions

  • Access Allied Health & Training appointments are provided in our Launceston clinic, your home, aged care homes or via telehealth (zoom online). 

  • Fees are payable following your appointment. Please contact the us for further information.  

  • Cancellation fees apply if less than 48 hours’ notice is provided for a cancelled appointment.

DVA and Workcover

Access Allied Health & Training provides appointments to Veterans and Workcover clients. More information can be found here about these funds ~

Medicare Rebates

  • Access Allied Health & Training for Speech Pathology is a registered provider with Medicare. Medicare rebates may be available for some patients under the Chronic Disease Management Program (formally the Enhanced Primary Care plan).  Please speak to your GP for more information about this referral. A maximum of 5 sessions per calendar year may be claimed from an allied health professional and rebated to you. 

  • A Speech Pathology Health Service may also be available for a person who is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent via Medicare. Please check for your availability to this rebate. 

  • See your GP for advice about eligibility and referral for Medicare rebates (with the exception of Medicare HCWA services, which require a Paediatrician and/or Psychiatrist referral). A gap payment will be required.

  • More information can be found here ~

Private Health Funds

  • Please speak to your private health insurer to determine whether you are eligible for speech pathology rebates. You will need to pay for your appointment and claim back any private health rebates direct from your private health insurer.

  • Please check with your health fund regarding potential claim entitlements under your policy. A gap payment will be required.

  • Nutrition rebates are available through Medibank private only.


Telehealth Services

  • Research evidence shows Speech Pathology can be provided effectively through Telehealth (with telecommunications such as zoom and/or through phone calls).

  • Telehealth is an effective and alternate proven way to access speech pathology services in rural and remote regions. It is a safe, easy, economical way of providing services.

  • Telehealth has provided important access to health services during our recent COVID19 pandemic and is likely to continue to provide vital services to the health sector during uncertain times and to rural and regional areas. 

  • Access to an adequate telecommunication connection, desktop or laptop computer in a private area is needed.

  • It enables clients to continue to receive important speech pathology care and provides safe swallowing management which prevents interruption.

  • Access 2 Speech Pathology currently has telehealth appointments available. Fees are the same as private clients or NDIS fees. Contact us for our Schedule of Fees. 

healthy food

Clinical Nutrition

  • Nutritional consultations with Karen Green involve delving into and becoming your personal health detective. She wants to know why you have the health issues you do, what you have tried before, what makes your condition worse or better. Exploring health is what these sessions are about using evidence based research. 

  • Having trained for many years and providing professional consultations to many clients as a Clinical Nutritionist and Herbalist, Karen works with you to address your nutritional health concerns. Karen is passionate about you gaining the health you deserve so you can lead a vibrant healthy life.

  • Gastrointestinal Issues

  • Thyroid Health

  • Adrenal Fatigue

  • Allergies & Sensitivities

  • Karen is here to support you on your journey toward better health. Make an appointment today to discussion your health and nutrition needs -

  • Nutrition rebates are available through some Health Insurance providers. 

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